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I’m a biological scientist and documentary filmmaker, in a constant dance with stress and depression.

Like many with a desire to protect our planet and inspire positive change, I was left sad and disillusioned by the way non-profits and Governments deal with local and Global conservation issues.  I lost trust in the system and felt like no matter what I did, I could never affect change.  I would never make a difference working in conservation because of competition for resources, corruption, and the human ego.

I had always dreamed of making a positive difference in the World, but after 20 years of trying and never making any progress, I felt hopeless.

I believe that the solution to many of our planet’s issues is to adopt a positive mentality, share actionable ideas for positive change and work with those directly affected by conservation issues to develop positive solutions.

Let go of blame and the concept of good or bad and consider ourselves as an intrinsic part of nature’s ecosystem that must work in collaboration with its other parts, rather than separated from them.

And so, the Conscious Conservationist was born.  My dream is to create a space to share positive ideas and actions for ourselves and our world which can be shared to affect positive change.  From sustainable adventures to things you can do at home to improve life on our planet.  I hope you will join me!

If you have a positive message, product, project or organisation that improves humans or protects our planet, message me!  I’d love to share.